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Goa Shopping

Goa can very easily be tagged as a shopper's paradise. Your visit to Goa is not complete unless you take back a souvenir. The best places to hunt for that perfect souvenir are the lively shopping places of Goa. Goa is such a colorful state that you won't be left thinking as to what to buy in Goa. Shopping in Goa should be one of your topmost priorities while touring and sightseeing. In case you are thinking where to shop in Goa, you can easily relax. Goa is full of local markets and beach shacks that sell everything and anything under the sun.

One item that you must buy is the famous cashew nuts that are sold here in small packets. You can find a whole variety of these nuts here like the salted ones, the spicy ones, or simply the plain ones. Apart from cashew nuts, you can find a variety of exotic Indian spices and dried fish. Their aroma is enough to attract even the staunchest of dieters! Goa is famous for small knick knacks like trinkets, ear rings, bracelets, etc. that are easily available in bulk in local markets as well as shacks on beaches. Items of local handicrafts like shell work, bamboo work, brassware, terracotta, crochet, carved furniture, etc. are available aplenty and are a good choice for a souvenir.

Some of the best places for shopping in Goa are at Mapusa and Anjuna. The weekly markets at Mapusa and Anjuna are sure to burn a hole in your pocket. You can find many things that make a perfect souvenir and something that you can take back home for your family and friends. The Anjuna weekly market is on Wednesday every week and that at Mapusa is on Fridays. Check out our list of favorite picks as a souvenir from these markets:
1. Artifacts made of papier-mâché
2. Bamboo work
4. Brassware
5.Carved furniture
6.Curios like trinkets, bracelets, rings
7. Hammocks
8. Old coins
9. Shell work
10. Spice powder packets
11 Terracotta
12. Trinkets made of stones and corals